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Our mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by providing innovative and effective anti-aging skin care products that maximize skin health and appearance and by emphasizing a holistic approach.
Xochilt Cordova founded Maya Holistic Beauty in 2019 with a simple mission: to create high-quality holistic beauty products to educate people about the benefits of holistic health and its connection with beauty.

We believe in a holistic approach to skin health. Our professionally proven products are made with organic and natural ingredients, clean active ingredients that work with your skin to deliver results.

We know that beauty is more than the surface of your skin. Our well-being requires mental clarity, positive emotions, whole foods and a clean environment. Our approach to health and personal care, is for you to feel and look your best to create a harmonious life for all.

Beauty Oil

Beauty Oil: Grapeseed oil as carrier oil is one of the most moisturizing for the skin.

Rose Water Toner

Rose Water: Improves complexion, skin redness and puffiness. 

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Why organic beauty is the best choice

Why organic beauty is the best choice

Beauty comes from the inside. Though this statement has only been used by people of younger generation, it is still very common, even in the boomer generation. In the recent years, people have started caring more and more about their hygiene and the well-being of the...

Facts about essential oils you never knew

Facts about essential oils you never knew

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How holistic beauty works.

How holistic beauty works.

This is another buzzword that is being heard a lot at the present time and that is holistic beauty. This is the time when beauty and skincare philosophy of people have been hinged on the concept of wellness and holistic beauty. More and more people are choosing the...

Give back to the community

$2 of your purchase of Maya Holistic Beauty Products supports the Denis Martinez School- a rural, multilevel school that serves 70 students in Isla Zapatera, Nicaragua. Your donation helps fund the following:

– Full meals Monday-Friday 

– School supplies

– Uniforms 

– Biannual medical checkups