Premium Holistic Beauty Box

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Our mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by providing innovative and effective anti-aging skin care products that maximize skin health and appearance and by emphasizing a holistic approach.

The Box Contains: Beauty Oil and Rose Water Toner with MSM

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  • Rose Water and MSM


Rose Water: Improves complexion, skin redness and puffiness. MSM is a natural mineral found in your body, which helps protect skin from pollution. MSM also aids in collagen synthesis and detoxification.

Made with Organic Products



  • Grapeseed Oil (Carrier Oil).
  • Frankincense essential Oil.
  • Geranium essential Oil


Beauty Oil: Grapeseed oil as carrier oil is one of the most moisturizing for the skin.

Frankincense essential Oil: Reverses signs of aging by promoting healthy cell regeneration.

Geranium essential Oil: Promotes the growth of new skin cells and is anti-inflammatory.

Made with Organic Products

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